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Time until Cowboys kickoff the regular season:

J. Gilligan's Shuttle Kings

Our Service

We provide a shuttling service to all major sporting and non-sporting events that take place at AT&T Stadium. Shuttling begins around 3 hours before the event, but it should be noted stadium gates do not open until 2 hours prior to the event. Our fleet of shuttles runs continuously before and after the event making for minimal wait time. The pick-up and drop-off points are at the same location directly across the street from the stadium making for a more convenient return. In case of an early return, one can call either 817-274-8561 or 817-980-4255. The map below depicts the respective locations of our establishment, the drop-off/pick-up point, and the stadium.

Having run shuttles to AT&T Stadium for the past 7 years, we provide the most efficiently operating means of transportation with extremely reasonable pricing. Through our experience in this market, we have optimized our shuttling to run in a more fluid manner compared to newer shuttling services. Also, our pricing helps avoid the pricy surge charges that are seen with newer ride-sharing service apps.


In terms of pricing, our round trip service costs $8.00 for Cowboys games and $9.00 for all other events with children 12 & under riding for free. No reservations are needed and parking at or near the restaurant is free of charge.

Shuttling Schedule

Saturday, August 19th - Cowboys vs. Colts
Saturday, August 26th - Cowboys vs. Raiders
Saturday, September 2nd - Florida vs. Michigan (Advocare Classic)
Sunday, September 10th - Cowboys vs. Giants
Saturday, Semptember 23rd - Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (Southwest Classic)
Sunday, October 1st - Cowboys vs. Rams
Sunday, October 8th - Cowboys vs. Packers
Sunday, November 5th - Cowboys vs. Chiefs
Saturday, November 11th - Baylor vs. Texas Tech
Sunday, November 19th - Cowboys vs. Eagles
Sunday, November 23rd - Cowboys vs. Chargers
Sunday, November 19th - Cowboys vs. Eagles
Sunday, November 30th - Cowboys vs. Redskins
Saturday, December 2nd - Big 12 Championship
Sunday, December 24th - Cowboys vs. Seahawks
Friday, December 29th - Cotton Bowl Classic

Shuttle Map