J. Gilligan's Bar & Grill


Plenty of parking at Chamber of Commerce
in Downtown area. We have signs posted with
staff wearing a green Gilligan’s shirt to help
direct traffic to parking lots.

Watch for 2 A-Frame signs that say free
“Downtown Parking”

Concerts - $9.00 ROUND TRIP

Football - $8.00 ROUND TRIP

Shuttle is available when you want to go.
Rule of thumb is we start 3 hours before the game.
(Stadium does NOT open until 2 hours before the game)

It takes the shuttle 5 MINUTES to drop off at the stadium

Exactly where we drop you off is exactly where we pick-up

J. Gilligan’s is located 1 MILE SOUTH of the stadium

The drop off & pick-up location is approximately
100 to 150 yds. across the street from the stadium

Just come in J. Gilligan’s and signs & staff will direct you
to purchase shuttle wrist bands & you will be given a map
with the restaurant phone number and owners cellphone.

J. Gilligan’s is city & police approved and has been
shuttling for 7 years since stadium opened.

Kid’s 12 and under are free.

Call Gilligan’s 817-274-8561 or Call Randy 817-980-4255

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